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What voice is sponsoring Your Thinking?

There are lots of voices out there telling us a variety of information.  All these voices influence our thinking which in turn influences our speech and our actions. So today I want to address this important topic especially in this time we are facing. My voice is just another one, so you will have to decide for yourself if this will be beneficial to you or not. But I think it will. If you tell people, "I hear voices",  you might be labeled as a crazy person and sent to an asylum. But the fact is we all hear voices. Many of us just don't take the time or energy to distinguish the voices coming into our minds. For me its thoughts in my mind, not so much audible voices. I used to think that every thought I had was from me or my own imaginations. I believe some are from me, and some from other sources. So, let's look at this.  One of my mentors, Graham Cooke says this: "Every thought has a sponsor. Who or what is sponsoring your thinking?"

The Kingdom Gift Card

By Dewey Compton I found a couple gift cards the other day that I had received for my birthday. I knew they from years ago because they were from Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. I had not redeemed them because I had not been active as I used to be in my hobby of fly-fishing. So, I wondered if they were expired or still good? After all these years, they were still activated with credit. What if the Kingdom of Heaven has gift cards we can receive and redeem and they never expire? Well as it turns out, Heaven does! Think about how gift cards work. Someone who cares about you goes to a store, finds the card for you, and purchases credit to put on the card. Then, they give you the card as a gift. The card though is not really the gift. It simply gives you access to the true gift when you are ready to redeem the card. So, you are given access to a gift you did not earn nor purchase. But it’s yours.   That’s pretty cool, right? Is the Kingdom any different? When Jesus died

A Town in Peril

by Dewey Compton Once upon a time, there was a small town. When it first began being built, it was very prestigious and many people moved into it. It flourished for many many years until other towns began being built and people moved to them. Soon new towns’ people moved in and struggled economically and their families became broken. The mayor and city officials were disturbed and made huge changes to help these struggling people. They brought in caring citizens who would work directly with these towns’ people and help them and teach them how to change their mindset and be successful. It was very revolutionary. But over time, the town’s leadership changed and the people struggled even more and became disconnected hating the town, it’s leaders and it’s own people.  But there were the original citizens many who still continued to care and learn to love the struggling people. They built relationships and really got to know these people and all the traumatic events of their l