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Are There Greater Threats to our Student's Than CoVid?

Are There Greater Threats to our  Student's Than CoVid? "It's all about the students." "Everything we do is about student learning and achieving."  These are the words we use as teachers when it comes to planning our school year when talking with other staff about our purpose and mission in education. As important people in our community of Bakersfield begin to make decisions about the children and students returning to school, I HOPE and EXPECT these people to be making decisions in the best interest of our students. What is the best interest? In the education world, it has been very clear that we have shifted to "data-driven decision making." All our programs from improving attendance to developing curriculum, to delivering instruction to grading student work, to getting our students developed socially and emotionally to getting our students to walk across the stage with a diploma are DRIVEN by DATA! Shouldn't data drive the decisions regar