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I Did It All by Myself!

I Did It All by Myself! by the one whom Jesus plays with I’m sitting on my patio this beautiful quiet morning, reading from Zach Maldonado's book, Perfect and Forgiven.   I was rereading some things as I am going to be participating in a zoom/Facebook Live event next week with him about his book. I am reading from chapter 6, Delighted In, about when a toddler begins to walk for the first time how it’s like the Super Bowl for them. The parents cheer and praise him/her for this huge accomplishment. Then, when they begin to explore more, and fall, mom and dad are not angry at them for falling, but pick them up, kisses them, do a raspberry on their belly, stand them up, and cheer them on to keep walking again.   Are you seeing this yet? This is really a picture of us with God. He is not angry if we fall. I'm still reading and enjoying my coffee when I hear my toddler neighbor, Will, enter his back yard. He is awake. All I hear is this: “I did it all by mysel

For Such a Time as This

An Opportune Thing by Dewey Compton What Does God want to produce out of this quarantine? The church can’t go back to the same way of doing things. God is getting personal! Have you gotten what you are supposed to get in this time that you can’t get otherwise? What is this opportune thing God is wanting to do now for such a time as this? I am reminded of when Jesus was on this Earth as God’s son. The gospel of John is filled with phrases of Jesus telling the people He only does what the Father does or tells him. They are one. Jesus did not come to do His will, but the Father’s who sent Him.  Often Jesus had to get away from all the business, the ministry, the people, and spend time with His Father. He sets the example for us. It is clear that Jesus needed to be clear at hearing the Father’s voice and seeing things the way the Father sees things. So as He went about His day interacting with people, He did exactly the Father’s will. This is our mission today. I

Prayer Against Coronavirus

The prayer below was written by my friends from Aslan's Place.   See it here: Prayer Against Coronavirus  It is below as well.  We have permission to pass this along to others. So I want to share with all my friends and family because this is an excellent prayer to pray.  I prayed this with and over my family. But before you pray it, I want to clarify some things about prayer that I feel are important.  1. It’s not magic, because God doesn’t do magic. He does relationships and miracles. Sometimes miracles lead to relationships and sometimes relationships lead to miracles. He allows in His wisdom what he can easily prevent by His pow er.  2. Pray WITH God, not TO God. There are many examples in scripture that reveal that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are praying for us. Luke 22, John 17, Romans 8, Hebrews 7, 1 John 2. Have you ever known Jesus to STOP doing something? He LIVES to pray and intercede for us as He sits next to the Father in Heaven. Don't you want to kno