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Lens Change

When I began learning screenwriting, I had two ideas in my head I had learned from a conference I went to called, Mind of a Saint , by Graham Cooke . The 2-day conference was teaching us about correcting the mindset and our identity as a sinner to our true identity: We are saints of God. One of the analogies Graham talked about was changing lenses. The lenses we look through life can hinder our vision or enhance it. We must go through a series of lens changes in order to see correctly and clearly. He also told a story of a man he met who introduced himself as an angry man and been this way all his life. His church sent him to anger management classes to "manage" his anger. Obviously, this didn't work for the guy who had been angry for 20 years still battling it. With these two ideas in my head, I started writing my first short story. I hope to film it some cold winter night. Here it is. It should be about a 10-13 minute short film. LENS CHANGE Written by Dewey

The Farmer and His Vineyard

The Farmer and His Vineyard The Father of Oenology and Viticulture by Dewey Compton  Once upon a time, there was this vine. He was a young vine but didn’t know what kind of vine he was. Many tried to tell him he was this type of vine or that type of vine. He was pretty much happy being a vine, but others told him he needed to find the farmer and ask the farmer to come into his vine. Nope, scratch that. Once upon a time, there was this Farmer. He had the vision to create a beautiful vineyard of precious grapevines. He planned it out all in his head. He went to buy the best grapevines he could find. He planted them in their own rows, tended them and cared for them according to their individual needs. He watered them faithfully and fed them fertilizer so they would grow healthy. And grew they did. Wild branches began to just shoot up. The farmer pruned these scraggly growth spurts back. The vines were not happy at first. They couldn’t understand why the f

The Janitor - by Dewey Compton

Just to break things up a bit. I'm sharing a short story written in screenplay format. This not my preferred format for writing. I think that I really just prefer developing stories. Whatever that looks like. I have not figured it out yet.  This story idea came to me while I was meeting at Panera on California Ave. with my good friend, Bob Prater. We meet there often as it has become a special place of encounter and revelation.  This particular day we were discussing how some of the most important people and their roles in life are often unseen or hidden. For example, a janitor or custodian doesn't have the most elaborate job, but their position can be seen as a very humble, yet powerful one. They are often overlooked, unappreciated, and in a sense invisible. However, they have access to every building and room on campus. They carry a set of keys to open and shut any door; lock and unlock all gates. They clean up messes nobody wants to. They remove the garbage in ou

Born Identity - Who We Are!

Born Identity - Who We Are! By Dewey Compton I learn a lot from watching movies. Ever since I was a teenager, I had certain movies that made a huge impact on my life and actually influenced my thinking.  Today, I want to share how two movies have impacted me and maybe they will you too. You might just need to go watch them (again). It’s an early weekday morning. I’m driving  down the road on my way to work. As I enter the parking lot and pull into my normal parking space, a thought appeared in my mind, “You should watch “The Borne Identity” again.” Have you seen films that impacted you so much it changed the way you think?  The film starts off with Jason Bourne floating unconscious in the ocean. He is caught and rescued by some fishermen. He has amnesia and does not know who he is. In fact, he asks over and over, “stop messing around, if you know who I am, tell me.” He is frustrated even though he can read maps, tie knots, has incredible intelligence. Yet, he do

Mostly Dead is Slightly Alive

The Art of Dying by Dewey Compton "The old You is dead already. Embrace the real you by ignoring the old you." So what's on my mind?   Death! Here is another one of my favorite movies - The Princess Bride. I was in the shower this morning and listening to music and for some reason, I started conversing in my mind with HS about the beauty and freedom of death. Death can be looked at in many different ways and most people look at the negative side.  I find this topic very fascinating and more discussion needed today. Let me explain.  I remember in science class that a seed must go into the ground, die and then a completely new thing rises out of the ground called a plant. This plant is entirely different from the seed. One had to die in order for the other to live. This is the same with us.  Old things in us must die in order for us to truly live. Now for many, it happened when they first became a believer in Jesus. We died to our old self, o

3-Point Lighting

I went to Las Vegas with my wife because she had a conference to go to for work. I was not excited to go to the casinos and throw money away. I saw a quote years ago that said, "The lights of Las Vegas are lit by losers." I didn't want to be one of them to help pay for the lights so I went to a coffee shop and spent my Saturday writing. Little did I know I would be writing about lights.  Three or four hours had passed and I wasn't happy about what I wrote. So I took a break and thought about my lesson for my video students the next week. I was teaching them 3-Point Lighting. Also, I had just finished reading Hebrews chapter 10.  When one sets up 3-point lighting, you start with darkness. There has to be a Key light. It turns on and provides the main light source. This key light also creates a shadow on the other side. Then the fill light is turned on and applied to the shadow to lessen it. The third light, called the backlight is turned on to add illumination to

My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post Wow, that took some time to set up. But it looks like I am in and ready to write. I have been writing various formats for years, but not sharing them with really anybody but a few friends. So the purpose really of setting up a blog is two-fold: I am participating in the Dan McGuire Blog Challenge through the Writers of Kern group. I'm taking the challenge to kickstart getting my writing out there. Second, I hope my writings can bring encouragement, enlightenment, teach, and promote love in the lives of anybody who reads my writings. So, what are my X Files, Writings, and Stories? X Files These are files I have collected mostly about myself. Words spoken to me by the Spirit of God, and People. These can be in the form of other writings, voices, dreams, visions, and prophecy. These are personal to me, but I may share some from time to time. Writings - These are my processes from which I will attempt to put into the words you will read that i