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I Mean Every Word I Say

Music | Adam Again
by Dewey Compton

I'm stepping into the shower and this thought enters my mind: One of the activities in Heaven will be seeing all the people who touched our life through Jesus on Earth and those we touched through Jesus and the impact across the globe and universe. It's going to blow our minds. That's probably why we are getting new bodies and minds.
Just a quick thought.

I'm showering and Alexia plays my music. Then a song comes on from a band many of you have probably never heard. Any Adam Again fans out there?

I remember my first encounter with them. I was with Carl Melton and we went to Knott's Berry Farm Jubilee which was a huge night of concerts of Christian Bands. It had to have been December 31, 1989.

We met Gene Eugene at their table. He was so down to earth and friendly. He gave Carl and me a free tee Shirt. It was a white Tee with a simple black Tree and Adam Again under it based on the song Treehouse. (That wasn't the song that came on though although it is pretty prophetic for our time right now. Check out Treehouse on your own.)

But the song that came on was from the album Ten Songs by Adam Again
Every Word I Say
Everybody is talking, many words are spoken
And they're telling me things they think I wanna hear
Enough is enough it's time to get serious
If you tell me you love me
Well it better be the truth
I mean every word I say
Well I know that the things that we say are sometimes automatic
We just follow a script like a character reading his lines
Enough is enough it's time to get serious
And if you talk about love
Know the meaning of the word
I mean every word I say
From my heart to my head
From my head to my mouth
Can the words cross the air between us
Oh, and be true?
I mean every word I say

I'm listening and thinking as I shower. This is relevant to today. But I felt like God was wanting me to focus on the positive, not the reaction to this song trying to get people to love better. What if when we simply focus on Love and mean every word we say in Love and really know what it means, it WILL change the world. 

We may not see the effects of it, but it will change the world because love never fails.

Loving people meaningfully will stick. It will change their lives and they will change other's lives and so on and so on.

I am proof of this from that one encounter with Gene Eugene back in 1989. I love Adam Again's music and their message. It changed me for good. Hearing this song again 31 years later means a lot. It actually means more now as I have grown and matured as a believer thana it did then. 

This is what the prophetic is all about. It's simply the voice of God speaking presently about the present and the future. He does it all the time in my life.

My thought shifted to a time when Carl and I did a 50-mile bike ride in Mexico from Rosarita Beach to Ensanada. That was probably in 1991. After the ride, we went to a restaurant to eat. We noticed they were playing Christian Music. I felt like the Lord wanted me to give the owner a CD. So I gave them Riki Michele's new release "Big Big Town" because it fit the style there...I think. That was 31 years ago.

Look At This, Look At That by Riki Michele on Amazon Music ...

So, I guess we won't know really the impacts, we have on each other and others have on us until we get to Heaven. I hope that this album spoke to some people and lives were changed at this restaurant in Ensanada, Mexico. Love always hopes right? 

Gene Eugene graduated to Heaven unexpectedly in 2000. He left behind a voice, a message, many friends and family who loves him and a love that impacted my life. If you are looking for some good ole late 80's 90's Christian music, look up Adam Again, and Riki Michele, and 77's, and The Choir, and LSU, Rez Band...etc. 

I hope I said every word I mean, and I mean every word I said. 


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