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Psalm of Dewey

My Lord and my God,
I just come before you now in the heavenly courts.
I stand in front of the courtroom and I ask:
Is the King meeting today to address my accuser?
Is the King of Heaven having a session today on Friday, July 31st?

If so, hear my plea Oh Lord:
Is the liar standing before the throneroom accusing me that I am a bad father?
Is the liar standing before the throneroom accusing my children of being rebellious, unloved, disobedient, prideful? 

Lord, I just pray and ask, how dare he?
What gives him the legal right?

Did he go to the grave, dig up our dead past and bring it before You?
Was he out fishing in the Eastern sea of forgetfulness for the sins you cast there?
Was he in the Western sea dredging for my sunken transgressions that you buried there?
How dare the graverobber come before the courts of Heaven and dump this garbage on the holy table as evidence of his accusation!

That is illegal! He has no license nor permission to go against my Almighty God and Your finished work!

I just ask Jesus, my defender that you remind the enemy how your blood canceled all these contracts the enemy has against me and my children. 

If I have given him a legal right, if my kids have given him a legal right, please forgive us, Lord. He is a deceiver and uses deception on us. 

I plead the blood of Jesus to be poured on all the contracts the enemy is throwing down on the table of his division, manipulation, deception, lying, killing, stealing.

I proclaim the spirit of Hamen over the enemy. Let him be hung on his own gallows.



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