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The King and His Sons

 The King and His Sons

Written by Dewey Compton

Then Jesus said to them, “If you can’t understand the meaning of this parable, how will you understand all the other parables?”

Mark 4:13

Once upon a time, there was a wealthy landowner who had lots of lands. He was really a king. He wanted to give it away to some poor struggling farmers. He decided to divide this land into three equal plots. He then went searching for farmers to give this incredible gift to. He found three and said to them, 

“I have parceled off some land and I am giving it to each of you. I have built each of you a home, and you can live there on your land. I will provide everything you need. At harvest time, together, we will see how much each of you has produced.”

The farmers were excited. They couldn’t believe the King would give them this land and a home to make their dreams come true. It was hard for them to believe somebody would do this for them. 

The first farmer was a great thinker. “Why are you doing this? What is the catch here?”

“There is no catch,'' said the king. “All you have to do is believe it’s so. Go and see your parcel and house and see if it’s not true.” He went to his house on his parcel and looked at all his resources. The house was incredible and sat on the corner of his lot. The home was decorated in the farmer's style and taste. How could the king know exactly what the first farmer liked? A large table filled one room with maps and charts on how to prepare the land for planting. There was a large bookshelf containing books on farming, manuals on water and irrigation methods, and various almanacs on climate, weather patterns, and seasons. He also had a cell phone in the center of the table with a note from the king: “You can call me anytime day or night.” The farmer was excited. He immediately sat down to explore all these resources. He spent many months studying and reading all the resources.

The second farmer was also a great thinker and a doer. “I know you are looking for someone to work hard for you. I am the guy. I am ready to start,” said the second farmer. “Your parcel is next to the first farmer. Go now and see….” The second farmer took off and found his parcel. His house was a huge two-story home placed in the front center of his lot. He went in to inspect the house. The bottom floor had all sorts of tools, lumber, and machinery. He climbed the stairs and found his living quarters. He too had all the resources that the first farmer had. The second farmer also had a cell phone and the same note. He picked up the phone and called the king. “For my first project, I will build a dumb waiter. That way I can bring these resources down to the bottom level. I think it will be more efficient and we can get more accomplished.”

“Great idea, I like it,” said the king.  The farmer hung up and immediately started constructing it. His mind started filling with all the projects he needed to build. “Next, I’ll build a barn,” the second farmer said. He spent many months reading and building his structures.

The third farmer also had his parcel next to the other farmers. He was a great thinker and a doer and a very good listener. When he went to see his lot, there was nothing there. It was just a field. There was no home like the other farmers had. “I know I heard him correctly, he said he built me a home. It is here somewhere.” So he started walking the land and made it to the center of the lot. There he found a rectangular hole with a set of stairs that went down into the ground. He descended the stairs into his house built underground. He too had all the resources of the other two farmers. He looked everything over and found the cell phone and the same note on the table. He picked it up and saw on the speed dial the words “The king,” so he immediately called the king. “I found my home. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I appreciate all you have given me. Where should we start?” he asked. The king said, “descend to the lower level and you will find a recliner. Relax in it and rest.”

“I am very grateful, but I feel we should start planting our crops. Nevertheless, I will do what you say.” He hung up and attached the phone to a lanyard he found on the table. He put it around his neck and went downstairs and found this large recliner. It was big enough to hold two people. He got in it and fell fast asleep. While he was sleeping, a terrible storm had come and went. The third farmer never knew about it. He woke up and went upstairs and outside. He saw his fellow neighbors down the way in the midst of talking. He went to join them. “Good evening neighbors, how are things?” said the third farmer.

The first farmer said, “I see the tornado took your house away. That is unfortunate.” The second farmer asked, “Is that all you have left is a cell phone? We should call the king to come and help you.” “Or you can come to my house. I have a ton of books on how to build a new house. Just reach up and grab one off the shelf,” said the first farmer.

The third farmer was confused. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about. The king told me to rest in my chair and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I came upstairs and saw you two talking.”

“Are you crazy? What world are you living in?” asked the first farmer.

“Where were you when the storm came? How did you survive when your house was taken?” asked the second farmer.

“I know you can’t see it, but my house is actually fine there is zero damage…”

The first farmer interrupted. “You are crazy. I can’t deal with this ridiculousness,” and he walked off. The second farmer was intrigued that the third farmer was still alive and survived the tornado. “What is the cell phone around your neck for?”

“It’s to talk with the king. Don’t you have one?” asked the third farmer.

“Why yes, I do. If I get stuck, I’ll call him. but I have to go work the land now,” said the second farmer. 

So he left. 

The third farmer lifted the phone up and pressed the speed dial button to the king.

One ring and the king answered.

“You found your recliner I take it. How was your rest?”

“It was incredible. I am grateful for everything you have given me. I took some of the almanacs with me and read them as I was resting. I didn’t realize until now had I started working the land, I would have encountered that tornado. I am glad I missed it,” said the farmer.

“There is a time and a season for everything. Yes, use the resources I have given you as much as you can. The farming manuals I wrote myself so you can have a written copy of the farming process. The almanacs will help you plan out your sowing and reaping calendar and give you insight into the history of the climate as well as the future that the seasons will bring.”

The king finished with,” You can always call me as things can change. Are you ready?” 

“Ready when you are,” said the farmer.

“Ok, I’ll be right over,’ said the king.

Days, weeks, and months had passed. All three farmers worked hard to prepare their lands and plant their crops. 

The first farmer was faithful every morning to get up and read the farming resources. Now that the crops were planted, he just was waiting for the harvest to come. He felt it important to call the king once a week to check in with him. He did his normal duties making sure the crops were watered and stayed busy working around the farm on the many physical structures.

The second farmer did the same. He got up early, read some resources, and took a stroll through the fields to inspect the crops. Often times he found a fox or gopher or some critter making a home in his field and cast them out and got rid of their presence. He said to himself, “I better be busy putting into practice what I learned from the almanacs.” He made a calendar of which days he would inspect the fields and which days he would water and which days he would go hunt down the critters attacking his crops. “Two days a week I will check in with the king to make sure I am doing what He thinks is best.”

The third farmer also got up early. The first thing he did was call the king and talk about his daily activities over a cup of coffee. Then the third farmer headed out the door to inspect the crops. He always took his cell phone and discussed routines and even future ideas and plans as he walked the fields. The third farmer shared his dreams with the king and they spent most of the mornings talking and listening to one another. If there was a problem in the fields, the king always had the perfect solution. The third farmer never doubted the king’s advice and was quick to apply it to every situation. It didn’t matter whether the king actually visited the third farmer’s place, or they just talked on the phone, their relationship grew just as fast as the crops. They were becoming very close friends.

Finally, it was harvest time. The king went to visit the first farmer. Together, they harvested all the crops and it produced a thirty-fold harvest. The king was happy and the farmer was happy too. “Now, what would you like to do with your harvest?”, asked the king. “I would like to take it to town and share it with the needy and the poor people.” “That is very good. Well done. You have been faithful with this land. Let’s go and do as you desire,” said the king.

Next, the king visited the second farmer. Together they went and collected the harvest and the second farmer produced a sixty-fold harvest. The king was ecstatic as well as the farmer too. “So, what should we do with your harvest?”, asked the king. “Well, I know we have homeless people living on the streets in town. They can use some hope. I was thinking we could feed them with some of the harvests. Then we could sell the rest and use the funds to build a shelter. After all, you gave me shelter out of your abundance. I will do likewise.” “I like it,” said the King. Both the second farmer and the King went and did exactly as they planned. 

Finally, the third farmer was standing on the porch and looking at his crops, while he called the King. “I am amazed that you love me so much and have entrusted this land and home to me. You gave me everything I needed to grow this crop. Everything has been a gift from you and I really appreciate all we have produced. As I read and studied the resources on farming, it was so great to know you are always with me in the fields or on the phone. You are truly like my father and have treated me as your very own son. All of this is yours. It’s time for the harvest. What would you like to do with it?” asked the third farmer. “Turn around, go into your house, and downstairs. I have something for you,” said the King. So the third farmer went in and descended the stairs and saw something that surprised him and filled him with incredible joy. The King was in his chair relaxing. He motioned for the farmer to come to sit beside him. The farmer ran and leaped into the chair next to the King. The King put his arm around his son and they embraced each other. They discussed many ideas for what they should do with the harvest. “You have produced one hundredfold harvest,” said the King. The third farmer was confused. “How is this possible, we have not harvested any of the crops yet.” The King replied, “I have been farming for a long time. I am an expert in this business. Throughout this entire process from the beginning when I gave you the land and your house, you never doubted me and called me all the time regardless of a problem or you just wanted to talk. You indeed are a beloved son, and I am your father. As I am, so are you. Therefore, know today, when we go and harvest your field, you will produce one hundredfold harvest because I always do.” The King hugged the farmer, His true son, and they reclined deeper in the chair and rested in each other's presence.

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly 

waits for the revealing of the sons of God.”

 Romans 8:19


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